What Your Social Media Says About Your Personality?


In today’s era, mostly everyone has an online presence with one or more platforms of social network they are addicted to—resulting in countless hours being online. Psychologists say that a lot can be gauged about your personality and traits just with these actions alone, apart from posts and uploads.

Many companies even use this technique to assess the personality of their employees before hiring them. Get to know some other traits that can be divulged by your social media.

Attachment behavior:

Your behavior on social media greatly determines what your ‘attachment behavior’ is. Researchers from the Universities in the US, Turkey and Australia got together to look at various publications and find the interface between friendship networks and attachment.

They found that there is in-fact a close link between both Attachment style is the way you connect with other people and form relationships—thus recognizing your style can help you strengthen your relationship and avoid the pitfalls that lead to vulnerabilities.

Depressed behavior:

Apart from personality traits, social media can also help reveal your current state of mind. In a study called Instagram photos reveal predictive markers of depression’, researchers Andrew Reece and Christopher Danforth found that if users are depressed, they are more likely to upload bluer, darker and grayer photos.

In this research, a computer script accurately recognized the traits of depression in people, which was in complete opposition to the human assessment of the photos.

Apart from the color of the photos, depressed people are also less likely than others to use filters on their photos. On the other hand, people who are not depressed are more likely to upload brighter, vibrant images with filters on them.

Narcissistic tendencies?

There is a meme that says, ‘we call them selfies because narcissisties was hard to spell’. Now, we are not saying that taking selfies or uploading them is a bad thing. However, a study by Ohio State University researchers found that men who uploaded more edited selfies had more narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies.

It is not necessary that whoever uploads many selfies is a narcissist or a psychopath, but that their personality traits lean more towards antisocial behavior.

Similarly, boastful posts are another sign of narcissism. Topics like personal achievements, diets, fitness goals etc. are posted more by people who have higher narcissistic tendencies. Such people post pictures to seek validation and attention. There are exceptions, of course, but generally such attention seeking behavior could be a sign of narcissism.

Insecure behavior regarding relationships:

Often,people who post endlessly about their ‘love life’  may actually be insecure about their relationship.  A 2015 Brunel University study stated that people who write relationship-relevant stuff are doing so because they are battling low self-esteem and insecurity.

Such people lay claim to their partners through their posts whenever they are feeling threatened and under confident.

While these studies might not reflect everyone’s habit’s on social media, they do provide an insight into people’s personality traits.

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