Typhoid Fever In Kids & Treatment: Q & A With Dr. Suneel

typhoid symptoms in kids

Typhoid fever is a very common illness that children suffer from nowadays. It is caused by the consumption of a bacteria called Typhi. Watch Dr. Suneel Rajput, one of the best pediatricians in Lahore, discuss the main reasons behind typhoid transmission.

Dr. Suneel Rajput is a foreign qualified pediatrician specializing in general pediatrics and has 12 years of experience in his field.

Typhoid can be life-threatening to children if it is not well-taken care of. So, we sat down with Dr. Rajput on how we can prevent this deadly or manage its complications.

Q.1. How does Typhoid Fever develop in children?

Well, typhoid fever in kids is very common; however, the good news is that it is preventable. It is mostly caught between the monsoon season, i.e July to September. So, I would suggest parents be especially careful during these months. The main reasons for typhoid are poor hygiene or contaminated water or food.

Q.2. What are the symptoms of typhoid fever in ki?

The major symptom of typhoid is the fever. The fever has a step ladder pattern and increases steadily. Other symptoms include stomach pain, body pain, weakness, loose stools, vomiting, and trouble breathing.

Q.3. What are the causes of typhoid fever?

So, basically, typhoid fever is an infection that is caused by bacteria, Salmonella Typhi. Eating contaminated food or undercooked food is one of the most common causes of Typhoid. Also, eating from unsanitary utensils can also cause typhoid fever.

In the monsoon season, when kids eat out, they make themselves very prone to typhoid fever.

Q.4. How is typhoid diagnosed?

Well, first I would like to say that Typhoid diagnosis can only be done by a healthcare provider. Unfortunately, nowadays, we see many people, self diagnose and worse, self medicate typhoid.

Self-treatment is the cause of one of the biggest health concerns for the medical world and for the nation as a whole; antibiotic resistance.

If your child experiences any of the above-mentioned symptoms, take them to a pediatrician immediately. The doctor will then do a blood culture test and prescribe suitable medicine.

In addition to this, general care for the child is also advised. That includes a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, broths as well as plenty of fluids.

Q.5. What are some general precautions we can take to prevent typhoid in kids?

Well, always make your children wash their hands before eating and after using the bathroom.

Get your water tested or change the filter if you are uneasy about the source of your water. Similarly, get your food; meats, and vegetables from a clean and reliable source as well.

Also, make sure that your child’s nanny or babysitter is tested negative for typhoid carrier and has good personal hygiene.

You can watch the full interview to know more about the treatment and prevention of typhoid disease. If your child exhibits any typhoid symptoms, take them to a pediatrician immediately.

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