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 Mammography is an imaging technique that basically involves taking X-ray images of the breasts. It is an important process used to screen patients for breast cancer. Any tumor present can then be detected by the doctors. Moreover, mammography is also used for diagnosing any other issues like deformations, pain in the breasts, etc. Make sure to get in touch with a breast surgeon in Islamabad to deal with any problems this test reveals.

Whilst diagnostic mammography is only advised when there is a probable cause, however, screening is much more common.

In fact, all women above the ages of 40 years should get their mammography done annually or perhaps once in two years, as they have a higher risk of getting cancer. Patients with a family history of cancer are prescribed a more rigorous screening process, which may involve getting the test at an earlier age or at a higher frequency. Your doctor can best guide you with regard to this process.

General preparation guidelines include not wearing any perfume or deodorant or powder etc. on your underarms or breasts prior to the procedure as it interferes with the image. Furthermore, if it isn’t your first visit, take your previous tests along with you. Also, if you experienced pain in your last exam, it is suggested to take pain medication before the test.

Most importantly perhaps, visit only credible facilities. Mammogram exposes the person to a small amount of radiation, and hence only good centers will make the procedure safe for you. For this purpose, we have shortlisted the top 5 mammography centers in Lahore that you can visit without any apprehension.

Alnoor Diagnostic Centre

Serving patients since 1984, Alnoor Diagnostic Center offers a comprehensive list of tests, all under one roof. Such a large set-up is handled by very competent staff. Onboard are qualified doctors and medical personnel who constantly strive to improve the patient experience.

Moreover, Alnoor Diagnostic Center has excellent equipment available, which is very crucial to the quality image produced and hence aids incorrect diagnosis. With the guarantee of good and precise reporting, Alnoor Diagnostic center should be consulted by people requiring a mammogram in Lahore.

Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Evercare Hospital)

Islamabad Diagnostic Center is one of the biggest laboratory chains of Pakistan. Armed with excellent doctors, experienced technicians and top-grade medical equipment, it surely is one of the top 5 mammography centers in Lahore.

Dedicated to providing quality service with quick reporting, IDC has adopted several patient-friendly practices. From allowing patients to contest their lab reports to complaint cell, they take every step to ensure a smooth patient experience.

Furthermore, IDC has a variety of mammography options to choose from. Screening, diagnostic and additions views mammograms, all are performed here. Therefore, patients in Lahore requiring a mammogram can trust Islamabad Diagnostic Center.

Citilab Lahore

For 25 years now, Citilab has been working to improve the landscape of diagnostics in Pakistan. They have made great strides in the imaging techniques, as evident by the extensive testing options available. Moreover, the fact that Citilab has certifications from the illustrious authorities like the College of American Pathologists, USA, Royal College of Pathologists, Australia, is proof of their competence.

Furthermore, Citilab offers services like online reporting, free consultation for the ease of its patients. It also has a free breast clinic. Each test is performed keeping in mind the guidelines. Reports are completed as soon as possible for improving the comfort of the patient.

Therefore, Citilab is an excellent and state-of-the-art facility to get a mammogram from, in Lahore.

Shaukat Khanum Hospital Laboratory

A name amongst the top 5 mammography centers in Lahore, Shaukat Khanum Hospital Laboratory has a solid record for providing superior and accurate testing service. With some of the brightest minds on board, SKH labs have set the bar for performing quality radiology testing very high.

Moreover, Shaukat Khanum Hospital Labs have kept up with innovations in the field of diagnostics and therefore have some of the best machines. It hence offers the latest 3D mammogram option which has shown to help with early diagnosis of cancer.

Furthermore, SKH labs have the seal of approval from national authorities like PNRA and international agencies like JCI. Hence, SHK labs can be relied on for getting an accurate mammogram from in Lahore.

Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories

A state-of-the-art facility, Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories operates on the motto of care and compassion for its patients. Part of the tertiary care hospital, the labs are dispensing top-notch services to both, in and outpatients. Furthermore, they have a wide range of imaging services available, including mammography.

Hameed Latif’s labs are 24/7 all through the year. Due to the high patient turnover, both the technicians and doctors working in the departments are extremely well-versed in performing the tests and patient care.

Furthermore, Hameed Latif labs are approved by the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority and thus can be trusted by patients to have safe practices. Therefore, anyone seeking mammography in Lahore can visit Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories without any doubt with regards to their service.

Whether it be diagnostic or screening mammography, both are equally important for the treatment and health of the patient. Any negligence in getting the tests done may very well lead to a weakened body. Moreover, diseases like cancer can spread very quickly and become terminal if not treated timely. Hence, it is absolutely imperative to get a mammogram for the sake of a cancer-free life and wellbeing of the person.

Also, an important thing to note in any radiology test is the level of exposure to radiation and if the facility that you are visiting is ensuring strict adherence to safety guidelines. Therefore visit only reliable radiology labs you know are following the guidelines. You can find such several good Mammography centers in Lahore, and book an appointment with the radiology lab in Lahore which best fits your criteria through

You can also  for assistance to find the RIGHT professional for your concerns. Please be advised that the aforementioned list of the top 5  mammography centers in Lahore has been prepared without any bias, as the profiles enlisted are the most searched profiles at

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