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Health checkups are very important for leading a disease-free life. Getting complete physical helps diagnose the issues early on in life. It, therefore, controls the situation before it gets complicated.

Moreover, early detection of the disease also makes it easier to manage and is also more cost-effective. There are many issues that do not have any physical manifestations until very later in the stage. Getting health checkups, therefore, helps diagnose such issues.

It is thus very important to get health checkups as they are designed to detect issues almost anywhere in the body. The deals are structured to be more cost-effective. It should especially be availed by people over 40, as the disease risks increase after this age.

Hence, the following is the list of the top 5 health-care packages in Lahore that you can avail to help find any issues for maximum health.

Executive Health Package Al- Razi HealthCare

Executive Health Package at Al Razi Healthcare is an excellent deal. It covers all the bases; from a blood test to a lipid profile, to Vitamin D levels, to renal functioning tests to complete urine examination, all are part of the healthcare package.

Moreover, they also have a wide variety of packages that are specific to a particular condition; for example, bone health assessment, healthy heart package, etc. Hence, patients have the option of choosing a package as per their needs.

Availing the package can be of great benefit. These tests thus ensure that the body is functioning properly. Such a complete testing profile also helps diagnose any issues that might be present in the body but not have any symptoms.

Furthermore, patients can have complete faith in the accuracy of the test as Al- Razi HealthCare is a top-grade facility. The labs, the doctors, the staff, all are exemplary. Therefore, anyone requiring a complete checkup can avail healthcare packages from Al-Razi HealthCare.

My Medical Check Up at Fatima Memorial Hospital 

Fatima Memorial Hospital has one of the top 5 health-care packages in Lahore. FMH is famous for providing excellent service to people. Some of the brightest minds in the city are affiliated with this top-notch facility. Moreover, due to high patient turnover, the staff is very well experienced and thus is able to perform a better prognosis.

Hence, the healthcare package from FMH is of similar caliber i.e. excellent. It is a wholesome package that enables screening of people from major problems and diseases. Blood count, lipid profile, chest X-ray, urea test, LFTs, ECG, Hepatitis screening, etc. are all part of the package.

Moreover, a complete checkup by a consultant is also included in the deal. This is a great convenience for the patient since a consultant at FMH is amongst the most qualified doctors and therefore has the vital experience to catch a disease in its early phase before it aggravates.

Hence, anyone considering getting a detailed checkup and lab work should most definitely visit Fatima Memorial Hospital.

General Health Checkup Islamabad Diagnostic Centre

IDC is amongst the best laboratory chains in Pakistan. Spread over 10 cities, this extensive setup is lauded not just nationally but has received international recognition as well. It has received numerous certifications that are proof of its competence.

Moreover, its health packages qualify as amongst the top 5 health-care packages in Lahore. It also has a variety of bundle tests to choose from, as many people have specific issues that they are worried about. However, most apropos for everyone is the General Health Checkup.

It has over 20 tests that include pathology and radiology tests. A Medical checkup is also included in the very economical package. Also, the equipment used is also at par excellence. And the departments are headed by a consultant, and therefore the findings of the package are very accurate.

Hence, people requiring health checkups can visit Islamabad Diagnostic Center and get quality service for their physical wellbeing.

CHCC at Shaukat Khanum Hospital Laboratory 

Shaukat Khanum Hospital Labs are amongst the top tier of labs in Pakistan. It has been serving people for over 2 decades now. The accreditations from agencies like JCI and CAP are a testament to its quality service. Hence, people can trust SHKL with their health.

Health packages offered are designed based on gender and age, as men and women have different health concerns. Moreover, people have different factors to be wary of as per their age. SHKL has therefore designed very appropriate packages.

The pathology and radiology tests, both are included in this package. For the convenience of the patients, the testing is conducted in different stages as there are over 15 tests that are in the package, and it’s not possible to have them all done in one day.

Also, once the results are ready, the consultant discusses the reports in detail with the patients. It also includes a consultation with the nutritionist as well, as eating right is the gateway to health.

Therefore, for a thorough and complete overview of the health, get yourself a package from Shaukat Khanum Hospital Labs.

Executive Health Packages at Hameed Latif Hospital 

Hameed Latif Hospital is one of the best facilities in Lahore. It has a complete setup with over 46 specializations. The labs are also top grade and are head by professionals. Moreover, the ambiance of the hospital is great as well. This is especially useful as the health checkups can run long.

The executive health clinic is aware of the time-crunch people are in and therefore the testing is done with extreme efficiency. However, this does not mean that there is any compromise on the quality of tests.

The specialists and the equipment used; both are top-notch. Hence, any requiring a health checkup in Lahore can contact Hameed Latif Hospital.

Prioritizing health is something everyone needs to do. Timely screening can save people from later complications. The health packages are a great way to get a detailed health profile. You can find and book an appointment for health checkups in Lahore through

You can also  for assistance to find the RIGHT professional for your concerns. Please be noted that the above list of health checkups in Lahore has been prepared with objectivity, as the profiles were chosen are of the top-rated profiles at

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