The Fountain Of Youth: How To Stay Young Forever

how to stay young forever

Ageing is a relentless process that only gets worse over time. The fountain of youth may not exist. But hard work and conviction are our strongest allies in this life-long battle against ageing. Follow this comprehensive guide on how to stay young forever and retain that youthful look-and soul:

1- De-Stress Yourself

Chronic stress causes surges in adrenaline and cortisol secretion, and regularly high levels of these hormones in the body can eventually result in high blood pressure, insomnia, weight gain, high sugar levels and mood disorders, inadvertently affecting your mental health and physical appearance.

Try simple breathing exercises when faced with stressful situations and regular yoga twice a week to give yourself a much-needed energy boost.

2- You Are What You Eat

Consider eating 6 small meals a day-rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin B, C and E-over the standard 3 meals, as smaller portions are easier to digest and prevent bloating. If you really need to find out what foods work for you, consult the best stomach specialist in Karachi for help.

Refrain from excessively salty foods, which promote bloating through water retention, and sugar to reduce wrinkles; by slowing down ‘glycation’ which causes the collagens in the skin to lose elasticity over time.

Also get in as much healthy fats as you can. These can be in the form of Omega-III fatty acids that prevent obvious signs of ageing, improve your mood, strengthen bones, and improve overall function of your body.

Walnuts, fish, and seeds are rich in Omega-III fatty acids. These also help the body extract excess fat from your lower body and use it for energy. Consume them regularly to boost your youth.

Another thing you should consume is green tea. This is not just a health trend, it actually has many benefits. It improves your metabolism which allows you to lose weight and stay in shape. Research has also found that it helps prevent some types of cancer.

One study found that consuming green tea allows your brain to work efficiently as you age. So, make sure to get started on this super-product.

3- Love the Skin You’re In

If you find yourself questioning how to stay young as you age, then you must focus on your skin. Ageing is most visible on the skin so keep it moisturized, clean and hydrated for a fresh look by drinking adequate amounts of water, gentle exfoliation-1 to 3 times a week to boost collagen production-and opting for lotion over soap.

Avoid using heavy makeup on a regular basis and wash it off before sleeping to keep your pores unclogged. Since UV rays expose your skin to heightened chances of wrinkles and skin cancers, generously apply ‘broad-spectrum’ sunscreen 3-4 times a week, particularly when going out.

You should also increase your intake of vitamins and antioxidants as these will act as the natural sunscreen for your skin. This can help you keep skin cancer and ageing at bay.  Try to consume vegetables and fruits. You can also use supplements to ensure intake.

Various vitamins and antioxidants have skin improving effects. Vitamins prevents from skin wrinkling and makes the skin smoother. Antioxidants are key in making the skin more radiant. Ensure routine intake of both of these in order to have a glowing, healthy skin as you grow older.

4- Work Your Muscles

Regular exercise reduces the growth of stress-induced grey hair while making it appear healthier and shinier. It also increases blood flow, which nourishes and vitalizes the skin cells; providing acne relief and reducing wrinkles and under-eye bags. Moreover, skin sagging prevention is an added benefit of muscle mass maintenance and body fat reduction.

You can also try doing yoga. Yoga exercises makes your body more flexible, de-stresses you, instils more energy, and improves your posture.

You also form a better mind-body connection through yoga. This translates into a more body positive mindset which helps with your ageing concerns. Yoga has proven to improve overall body function (e.g. reproduction, digestion, immunisation) along with making your skin look better.

Try and include it in your regimen on your way to staying and feeling young.

5- Stop Smoking

Smoking is very harmful for the body regardless of what age you are. It damages your lungs and can lead to cancer. It also adversely affects your skin. Stopping consumption of tobacco will improve your body and prevent ageing effects.

Smoking depletes the level of vitamin C in your body causing the skin to wrinkle. It also devoids the skin of moisture leading to dryness and a dull outlook. Hence, it is better to avoid smoking if you want to age smoothly.

6- Turn that Frown Upside Down

Regular smiling exercises the facial muscles, reducing the possibility of wrinkles and fine line formation caused by habitual frowning. Furthermore, a positive disposition has been proven to improve blood circulation; keeping the mind and heart healthy and contributing to a more youthful appearance.

Now you know how to stay young all your life. However, if these tips aren’t effective, do not hesitate to Book Appointments with Top Nutritionists in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad through  if you need any help with finding the RIGHT Doctor for your needs.

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