The Best Smoking Experience: Top 5 Factors to Consider for a Perfect Waterpipe


Smoking flowers using waterpipes is way better than blunt because you get smoother smoke since the water filters and removes harshness. This makes the process more relaxed. In addition, using waterpipes will give you longer smoking sessions since the flowers burn slowly. However, a good smoking experience will depend on the type of waterpipe you use and its qualities. You may face some challenges when choosing pipes because of the large number in the market. Here are the top 5 factors to consider for the perfect waterpipes.

1. Water Filtration

First, when choosing waterpipes like bongs, consider water filtration as it determines the quality of the smoke and your experience. Ensure the waterpipe has a large chamber, increasing filtration for a smoother hit. It will help if the waterpipe has percolators, small devices that allow the filtration process. The more percolators, the better, as it enhances the filtration process. Additionally, the water level should be high enough to cover the downstream but not high because it will splash into your mouth when inhaled.

2. Material

Waterpipes are made from acrylic, glass, silicone, ceramic, and metal. It is best to consider this factor because each of the materials has pros and cons. For instance, glass is most popular because it is non-porous besides easy to clean. It also provides better flavor compared to the other materials. However, it is fragile. In comparison, acrylic is lightweight, cheap, and durable but becomes cloudy with time. Ceramics providesa unique experience when smoking but is fragile.

3. Size and Shape

It’d be bestalso to consider the waterpipe’s size and shape as it determines the water volume, quality of smoke, and smoking duration. Therefore, review the product description and select a large round base containing more water for better filtration. The waterpipe should also have either a straight tube, which is simple to clean or a beaker-shaped, which provides more stability. However, note that the straight-tubed one lacks filtration and cooling features.

4. Accessories

The waterpipes also come with accessories such as a diffuser, which breaks the smoke into smaller bubbles to improve filtration and cooling by increasing the surface area. Some come with an ashcatcher that collects ash and debris before entering the water, keeping the pipe clean. An ice catcher is another common feature that helps cool the smoke for a smoother hit. It will help to check if the waterpipe has these accessories for a better smoking experience.

5. Ease of Maintenance

It will help to consider ease of maintenance when choosing waterpipes like bongs because it determines cleanliness, functionality, and lifespan. Choose a bong that is easy to clean because the debris and leftover resin can buildup, clogging the waterpipe. Dirty water pipe also affects the smoke quality, which can ruin your experience. You will read the reviews of other customers to determine this factor, saving you time.

Using a waterpipe to smoke will give you a better experience thana blunt. However, you must carefully choose the waterpipe if you fancy your chances of enjoying the flavor. Therefore, considering the factors, you have read here would be best.

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