Thank You Coronavirus Helpers: An Open Letter

thank you coronavirus helpers

It has now been more than five months since the initial cases of coronavirus were first discovered in Wuhan, China. The initial cases have now turned into a worldwide pandemic, putting the lives of millions of people at risk, causing the whole world to shut down and forcing the majority of the population to get restricted to their houses.

In such trying times, some people among us have had to take on the responsibility of saving the humanity, on their shoulders. Regardless of the risk of catching the virus themselves, these front line soldiers have been working to save the suffering humanity and keep the functional world, as we know it, afloat. Today, we at oladoc, on behalf of the whole nation express our gratitude to all these heroes whether they are doctors, nurses, lab attendants, medical technicians or the janitorial staff at the hospitals, and say thank you coronavirus helpers.

The generation of the health workers who are fighting against this unseen enemy will be looked upon with great admiration and gratitude, for their bravery, their sacrifices, and the risks they take every day for a greater cause. Battling this unseen enemy is no small feat and every day, the health care workers show their mettle by embarking upon a crusade against it, armed with little to no defense.

This invisible enemy has altered the way of life as we know it for everyone on the globe. People are forced to seek the refuge of their homes and distance socially from each other. However, the health care providers, across the spectrum, from the doctors, to the nurses, EMTs, and the janitorial staff have jumped in to defend us and shield us.

We hear every day about how doctors are forced to work without sleep, how nurses are forced to work without protective gear, and how the EMTs and the janitorial staff are risking their lives, with scarce equipment. We cannot help but be in awe of these individuals who are continually putting their lives at risk, despite seeing many of their falling sick and even dying. This sacrifice will be seen with great pride for the generations to come.

To all the front line workers we proudly say that, as a result of your efforts, we are confident in our ability to overcome this disease, and return things back to normal. Your dedication to your profession, and to serving the country is a great pride for us.

We at oladoc, are thankful to the nation’s heroes who have not only responded efficiently in this time of need but have also equipped and aided in helping the masses as much as possible through our social media and video consultation outlets. We will always be in debt of your service.

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