Stress-Inducing Questions That Pakistani Aunties Need to Stop Asking

pakistani aunties

We know they do it out of love, or maybe utter curiosity in other peoples’ affair, but sometimes Pakistani aunties ask us questions that we are not entirely comfortable with. Infact, some of these questions are so stressful that we might need a pshycologist‘s attention after that.

Unknown to ‘personal boundaries’, Pakistani aunties deem no question as off-limits and can ask you anything, anywhere. Usually, these traits are shown by phupos, and mamis, but let’s not be “relative specific”, if she’s an aunty, she’s asking you personal stuff—CIA style.

Instead of regaling you with personal tales, (and there are many) we will just talk about general stress-inducing questions that Pakistani aunties don’t consider off-the-table for obvious reasons.

When will you marry?

As soon as you hit university, this question starts popping—especially if you are a girl. It doesn’t matter to them if you want to pursue a career or have high aspirations, they want to know the 5-W’s of your wedding—when, where, who, why, what.

If you don’t have an answer, they’ll direct this question to your mother, and fill her head with woeful tales of girls who couldn’t marry due to career.

Who were you out with?

One would think they have cameras instead of eyes. If they see you in public with friends, or god-forbid the opposite gender, then you’ve had it. If they don’t encounter you there and then, they would call their aunty-headquarter and the news of your whereabouts would travel through the aunty grapevine and malign your character.

The next time you meet (which would be the same day at your house) they would ask you all about who you were with—again, interrogation style.

When are you having kids?

If they could, they would buy an ultrasound machine and scan every newly married girl they know. Yes, their curiosity knows no bounds—moral or otherwise. It doesn’t matter if it has been a few days since the wedding, or a few months, they want to know when will the ‘khushkhabri’ come.

If you accidentally tell them that you plan to have kids a little later in the future—you would be haunted by their ‘hawwws’.

When will have a skin transplant?

The colorist mentality of our aunties has worsened in recent years in my opinion. If they are daughter-in-law hunting, they want ‘pure white’ complexion and if they have a daughter who has a deeper complexion, they would try anything short of a skin-transplant to alter her complexion.

There is beauty in every skin color, but they would disapprove of every shade of brown out there, accepting only white and off-white.

If you are somewhat tanned, they would ask how come you have ‘kharab rang’ and what do you plan to do about it. They would go far enough to suggest harmful whitening creams to help you deal with the trauma of a deep complexion.

When will you get a job?

 Yes, we know they do it out of concern, but if we are already stressed about finding a job, why do they have to aggravate the stress by asking about it. In their opinion, the younger generation is oblivious about responsibilities and need their jolting advice to find their purpose in life.

Despite their questions, Pakistani aunties are the sweetest and most caring creatures. They are only looking out for us in their own way. However, if you are pretty stressed by their questions and need professional help, then book an appointment with a top psychologist in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad through,  for assistance to find the RIGHT doctor for your concerns.

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