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موٹاپے کا علاج

موٹاپا اور اس کا علاج – موٹاپے سے کیسے نجات مل سکتی ہے؟

موٹاپا کیا ہے؟ زیادہ وزن اور موٹاپا غیر معمولی یا ضرورت سے زیادہ چربی جمع کرنے سے ہوتا ہے جو صحت کے لئے خطرہ پیش کرتا ہے۔ 25 سے زیادہ…

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عرق گلاب کے 18 ناقابل یقین فوائد – Arq e Gulab Benefits

عرق گلاب کیا ہے؟ عرق گلاب گلاب کے پھول کی پتیوں سے نکلتا ہے۔ یہ تیل خوشبویات میں استعمال ہوتا ہے۔ عرق گلاب کو تقریبا خوشبو ادویات ذائقه اور میک…

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singaporebased rainforest amazon 36m nordstarshutechcrunch

German Institute Develops ‘Powerpaste’ That Stores Hydrogen Energy At 10x the Density of a Lithium Battery

A German research organization has developed a magnesium-based “Powerpaste” with an energy density ten times more than current battery technology. Hackaday reports: We’ve been promised hydrogen-powered engines for some time…

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look wallstreetbets 2mmember

Automotive Startup Canoo Debuts a Snub-Nosed Electric Pickup

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Car and Driver: Canoo, an electric automotive startup based in California, has expanded its lineup of forthcoming electric vehicles by revealing this snub-nosed…

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turmeric for cystic acne

Deep, Red and Large: Natural Ways to Heal Cystic Acne

Like all forms of acne, cystic acne also develops as a result of skin pores blocked by either dead skin cells or bacteria accumulation, usually due to a digestive system…

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The Many Benefits of Kalonji in Islam and Science

What is Kalonji or Black seed?  Kalonji Or Black seeds come from Nigella sativa, which is a small plant with pale purple, blue, or white tinged flowers in the Ranunculaceae…

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porn addiction problems

Pakistan’s Porn Problem: Overcoming Addiction

Porn Addiction: Porn Addiction is a behavioral problem or biopsychosocial disorder fueled by compulsively seeking something with the desired effect. Some doctors also label Porn addiction as a hypersexual disorder…

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female physiotherapist in lahore

5 Best Female Physiotherapists in Lahore

Who are the Best Female Physiotherapists in Lahore? Read the article to find out! Physiotherapists, also known as Physical Therapists (PT) are health specialists who are primarily concerned with the diagnosis, management, and treatment of…

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how to get rid of razor bumps on vag

4 Reasons Why You Get Pimples on the Vagina After Shaving Pubes

What are Vaginal Pimples? Pimples may appear on your vagina after shaving which can be a terrible feeling. Vaginal pimples are a global female dilemma, particularly razor bumps on vagina that frequently appear just…

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winter nuts

The 11 Nuts You Should Eat In Winters

Nuts, or dry fruits as we locally call them, are a staple winter food; and for good reason too. Besides being the perfect snack to munch by the fireside on…

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apple ipados shareplay universal quick notepanzarinotechcrunch

Interview with two Apple executives about changes to multitasking in iPadOS 15, SharePlay, Universal Control, Quick Note, and more (Matthew Panzarino/TechCrunch)

Matthew Panzarino / TechCrunch:Interview with two Apple executives about changes to multitasking in iPadOS 15, SharePlay, Universal Control, Quick Note, and moreApple executives talk about the new iPad software’s mental…

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pcos ka ilaj in urdu

Evelyn Douek

Lawfare The Facebook Oversight Board Issued Its First Decisions. Here’s How We’re Tracking Them Robert Chesney, Evelyn Douek, Quinta Jurecic, Jacob Schulz, Elliot Setzer, Tia Sewell, Announcing Lawfare’s Facebook Oversight Board blog.

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