How to increase male timing for an enhanced sexual life?

how to increase timing

You can certainly improve!

The good news is that men can work on themselves to increase their stamina and endurance. Increased male timing enhances sex life, making sex more pleasurable for both parties.

Following are some tips that men can employ for improved sexual stamina and performance:


You might detest exercise, but for men looking to improve and enhance their sex life, exercise is the way forward. Exercise is important for building endurance and stamina. You need sufficient energy to work out in bed. When your muscles are strong, and your heart all set out to pump blood like nobody’s business, naturally sex becomes more pleasurable. Rather than wanting to get done with it because your abs and biceps are killing you, you can enjoy as your body is able to handle the physical demands of sex.

Some helpful exercises for a strong upper body to hold you in the position includes bicep curls, weightlifting, bench pressing, triceps extensions. For strong abs, do planks, sit-ups, and high knees.

Similarly, your body’s back muscles play a major role during sex. Bridges, superman extension, lateral leg raises are some exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back.

Having strong glutes is a key component of pleasurable sex. If you have weak hips, you are more likely to get thrown off balance. Weak glutes can also make your body stiff, and significantly affect your performance. Remedy this by doing squats, lunges, and hip extensions.

Moreover, having a strong pelvic floor also helps with improved sexual stamina. Exercises that are helpful in this regard include Kegels, squats, and bridges.

Another reason why exercise helps you in bed is that it makes the body more flexible. This allows for easier movement, and also allows couples to explore different sex positions. Yoga is a truly splendid form of exercise for health, and its added perk is that it aids in increased flexibility.

An especially helpful exercise is weightlifting. It not just offers stronger muscles, but also helps in boosting testosterone levels in men. As for endurance, swimming is especially recommended.

Strengthen your heart:

Cardiovascular health plays a pivotal role in men getting an erection; there needs to be a good blood supply in the nether regions for men to get aroused. Hypertension, therefore, has a grave impact on sexual performance. Moreover, a weak heart also means lesser stamina.

Thus, work on strengthening your heart. Diet, exercise, destressing, and visiting the doctor are some ways to take care of your heart.

The Start-Stop technique:

The start-stop technique is an excellent way for extending the time for sex. In this technique, when men feel the onset of premature orgasm, they should pause themselves and breathe deeply. This will break the momentum and bring their arousal levels down. After this, they can resume having sex.

Not only will this prevent premature ejaculation, but it will also increase their endurance. It will train the body to hold off ejaculation, even during throes of passion, and increase your timing,

Moderate stress:

Stress and anxiety can be termed as the antithesis of everything that causes happiness. In men, stress from sex can lead to performance anxiety and further to erectile dysfunction.

In order to cope with the stress associated with intercourse, you can try to change your approach to sex. Talk to your partner about it as having a candid conversation can help overcome this problem. During sex, instead of focusing more on performance, pay attention to your physical senses.

However, stress from other parts of life can also have an impact on sex life. Thus, it is imperative that people work on moderating stress in their lives, and not just for better sex life, but also to improve quality of life in general as well. Yoga, breathing exercises, and mindfulness are some ways to moderate stress levels in the body.

Give up the cigarettes:

Smoking may give you pleasure, but rest assured, it will leech happiness otherwise from your life. Cigarettes impair health, lead to fatal diseases, and also affect sex life. Smoking not only weakens your heart, but it also has a dire impact on your nervous health, it thus causes erectile and sexual dysfunction.

Weight loss:

Obesity and extra pounds are harbingers of ill health. Obese men have impaired heart health due to high-fat consumption. Most overweight people also have the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, which in turn impair sexual health.

Moreover, due to the sheer amount of weight that the body has to carry, it’s hard for overweight men to last through the act of sex. They also thus have lesser stamina and endurance.

Likewise, obesity is also a risk for low self-esteem. Hence, they also suffer from performance anxiety, have emotional issues and turmoil. Thus, if you are overweight or obese, you have to reduce weight.

It will not just help you get more pleasure out of sex but will also promote health in other facets of life as well.

Eat right:

You are what you eat, and thus naturally, your diet plays a pivotal role in your sex life as well.

For improved sexual stamina, foods rich in potassium are helpful. Potassium is required for movement and recovery of the muscles, and also boosts metabolism. Foods rich in potassium include bananas, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, etc.

Similarly, foods that provide you with energy, the complex carbohydrates, are also good to take before sex. Another vital vitamin is the B-group vitamin. These vitamins moderate levels of sex hormones in people, and thus keep your performance and drive up.

Likewise, omega 3-fatty acids are also helpful for regulating sex hormone levels. Walnuts, fatty fish, flaxseed, etc. are some sources of essential fatty acids.

A nutrient that is especially useful for men is L-citrulline, which helps in increasing sexual stamina and performance, alongside maintaining an erection. Foods that are useful in this regard are watermelons, onions, dark chocolate. Nitrates also play a key role in male sexual functioning and are found in vegetables like eggplant, carrots, celery, etc.

Preventing premature ejaculation:

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation especially need to work on improved sexual stamina.

One way to do this is by grabbing at the base of the penis during sex. It will make the erection less loose, and thus will drag out the time for climaxing.

Another tip is applying numbing cream. This will make the penis less sensitive, and consequently, less liable to a quick orgasm.

Doing Kegels can also delay ejaculation. For this, you first need to locate your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. A quick way is when you are urinating, stop mid-stream. The muscles that contract in response are PC muscles. So, next time you want to increase your timing during sex, simply contract these muscles i.e., do Kegels.

Technique matters:

Sex is not something you can rush through. It is a physical and emotional ride. Your brain needs to feel the pleasure, else, not only will the current romp in the bed be a disappointment, but the brain might associate negative emotions with sex when it becomes painful and uncomfortable.

Therefore, work on your technique. Know that foreplay is important; your partner also needs to be aroused as well. Sex is not just about the genital, unless in a perfunctory sense, in which case, you get to kiss just the pleasure goodbye.

Remember, it takes two to tango, so, pleasure should be mutual. Focus on your partner so that your body gets some reprieve, which will also make you last longer.

Sometimes, sex can also become a dull routine. If you are stuck in this rut, it is especially useful that you change your routine, break the monotony, and bring excitement to your sex life.

Drugs and Alcohol:

Drugs and alcohol can dull the senses in people. Therefore, when taken before intercourse, they can lead to arousal issues as well as cause a quick trigger.

And while you should generally steer clear of drugs and alcohol, you should especially not use them before having sex. Not only will you have trouble having good sex, but your partner will unduly suffer as well.


Sexual problems may be due to performance anxiety, or any other issue in the body. Instead of giving up on the pleasure, and putting your partner unfairly through emotional turmoil, you should get help from a doctor.

An expert can help you navigate the various facets of sexual problems and also give you tips for improved sexual stamina. A doctor can also walk you through the processes that you might not be comfortable discussing with your partner even.

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