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Shopping for smoking accessories is super exciting. Several online head shops have made it convenient for people to access smoking devices and accessories at affordable rates. glass pipes are old-school smoking devices popular among the older generation. However, several youngsters are fascinated by them and enjoy their smoking experience with them. They usually give a dry smoke due to the absence of a water-based diffusion.

While most prefer bongs, these pipes are convenient and easy. They are highly portable, making them efficient to carry anywhere. All you need to do is pack the material in the bowl, ignite and smoke. Buying a glass pipe depends on your needs and budget. It would help if you considered whether you need the pipe for home or travel, whether you want a hot experience or a cool one. Some pipes look artistic but may not provide you with quality performance. Therefore one must do proper research before simply purchasing a glass pipe. Let’s take a look at the different glass pipes available before moving on to things one needs to consider.

Different Hand Pipes For Smoking

Night Skies

The vibrant blue color device has solid glass construction and is easy to use. It is about 3.5” and has about 3” of depth. You can get the device for about $ 20-30. A few users found the pipe to be affordable and excellent.

Mini Elephant Pipes

This pipe is about 3 inches and is one of the most fascinating smoking devices you have seen. The color options include orange, yellow, blue, orange, etc. It is elephant-shaped and has a deep bowl. It is a durable option and a must-have on the list of regular smokers. It is the most miniature elephant you will meet. Load the bowl, light it and inhale.

Mushroom Pipes

This pipe is bright red and has polka dots. It is a two-headed mushroom smoking device and has a durable construction. The giant bowl lets you fill in as much tobacco as possible for your smoking time. It is almost four inches in length and will ensure you get smooth hits.

Pink Glass Pipes Gift Set

The stoner girl will find it incredibly cool. However, everyone can use this set and gift their loved ones on special occasions. It is compact and portable. The bowl measures about 3.5 inches, whereas the chillum is approximately 3 inches. You can clean this with ease and post enjoying your flavors.

Things to Consider While Buying

  • Several types of pipes range from chillums, spoons, Sherlocks, and bubblers to steamrollers. Each has its style. Therefore, the first step is to decide the pipe style you want.
  • The quality of the glass plays a crucial role in the type of hits you experience. Go for premium brands made of borosilicate devices for a smooth experience. Also, check for dents and scratches to see the manufacturing quality.
  • Regular users know the importance of thickness and opt for sturdy builds. A pipe that is thick and sturdy will also last longer.
  • Remember to check the capacity of the bowl. The bowl of the device comes with different abilities. Therefore, pick a deeper bowl that will only require you to fill it occasionally.
  • You will find a variety of shapes and sizes on online marketplaces. Choose the one that has a vibrant color and adequate size to be used conveniently.

Final Thoughts

The options for hand-held smoking pipes are massive. You no longer have to take the stress of wandering for hours to find an appropriate smoking accessory. Scroll a few pages, order via online stories, get it delivered to your doorstep, and enjoy a good smoking experience.

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