Everything you need to know about Gravinate in Pakistan

What is Gravinate ? Gravinate is a second-generation antihistamine. It is used to treat nausea and vomiting, especially due to motion sickness. Histamine is a chemical messenger in the body…

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صحت کارڈ

صحت انصاف کارڈ حاصل کرنے کا طریقہ، اس کا استعمال اور فوائد

صحت انصاف کارڈ کیا ہے؟ صحت انصاف کارڈ ایک ہیلتھ کارڈ ہے جو پنجاب کے مختلف اضلاع کے لوگوں کو پاکستان کے مخصوص ہسپتالوں میں مفت طبی علاج کی سہولت…

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movax tablet uses

Movax Tablet Uses, Side Effects & Price in Pakistan

What is Movax? Movax is a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory drug that works by reducing the concentration of chemicals that cause muscle spasms. Therefore, it enables the muscles to relax,…

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tonsillitis food to avoid

Foods to Avoid for Tonsillitis and Tonsil Stone Prevention

Tonsillitis, i.e. inflammation of tonsils in the throat, is a common condition that usually improves with little treatment. However, it can cause severe problems and may require antibiotic treatment along with lifestyle…

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لن کی کمزوری کا علاج

مردانہ کمزوری کی وجوہات اور علاج

 کی کوئی بات نہیں ہے ، لیکن اگر ایسا ہوتا رہتا ہے تو یہ ایک زیادہ سنگین مسئلہ کی علامت ہوسکتی ہے۔ مردانہ کمزوری کیا ہے؟ مردانہ کمزوری کا مطلب…

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antifungal cream in pakistan

Top 10 Best Antifungal Creams in Pakistan

Antifungal creams in Pakistan are readily available in various medical shops and stores across the country. They are sold under several different brand names with varying prices and effects. If you’re…

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vaccination centers in lahore

How to Get Vaccinated for Corona Virus or COVID 19 in Pakistan?

Vaccinations are well underway in most countries. The only way to deal with viral infections, vaccination which is a vital, albeit tedious process. Notwithstanding the big challenge of making the…

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sehat card check online

Sehat Card Check Karne Ka Tarika

Kia aap Sehat Card check karne ka tarika jante hain? Aye ispe par nazar dalte hain! The Sehat Card has been launched by the Punjab government for the benefit of the poor…

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birth control pills in pakistan

Birth Control Pills in Pakistan: Here’s What You Need to Know

Looking for birth control pills in Pakistan? We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best emergency contraceptive pills or EC pills in Pakistan along with their prices in this article so keep reading! Birth…

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whitening injection

11 Side Effects Of Skin Whitening Injections You Need to Know

Skin whitening injections can make your skin more radiant, fair, and glowing, but are they devoid of side effects? Not really. So if you’re considering going for such a treatment, like any…

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pimple on breast

The What and Why of Breast Pimples

Save for the bottoms of our hands and feet, our entire body is covered with sebaceous (oil) glands, meaning that pimples can appear in the strangest of places, including the…

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cac 1000 plus benefits

Everything you need to know about CaC 1000 in Pakistan

What is CaC 1000? CaC 1000 is mainly a calcium supplement. It contains calcium lactate gluconate, calcium carbonate, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin B6, and thus is a good source…

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