profile tencent china 900b

Profile of Tencent, China’s most valuable company at ~$900B, with a powerful ecosystem including WeChat, and local and overseas startup investments worth ~$259B (Wall Street Journal)

look wallstreetbets 2mmember

A look at r/WallStreetBets, a 2M-member subreddit that helped push GameStop’s stock to record highs and is now facing allegations of harassment (Cecilia D’Anastasio/Wired)

chinese startup unitree selling headless robot

Chinese Startup Unitree Begins Selling a Headless Robot Dog for $2,700

discord protrump donaldpeters

Discord bans pro-Trump server “The Donald” because of “its overt connection to an online forum used to incite violence and plan an armed insurrection” (Jay Peters/The Verge)

60m series schusterman foundationwiggersventurebeat

Immunai, which uses AI to analyze the human immune system, raises $60M Series A led by Schusterman Foundation and others (Kyle Wiggers/VentureBeat)

singaporebased rainforest amazon 36m nordstarshutechcrunch

Singapore-based Rainforest, which wants to consolidate Asia-Pacific Amazon Marketplace brands, raises $36M in seed funding led by Nordstar (Catherine Shu/TechCrunch)

apple ipados shareplay universal quick notepanzarinotechcrunch

Interview with two Apple executives about changes to multitasking in iPadOS 15, SharePlay, Universal Control, Quick Note, and more (Matthew Panzarino/TechCrunch)

fair political practices lyft jrvice

California’s Fair Political Practices Commission proposes to fine Lyft $3,371 for failing to properly disclose what it paid for ads supporting Prop 22 (Edward Ongweso Jr/VICE)

tv plus may chromecastroettgersprotocol

Samsung quietly launched its TV Plus streaming service on the web in May and has added to its mobile app the ability to cast videos to devices via Chromecast (Janko Roettgers/Protocol)

zoom q4 882m yoy 467k q1

Zoom Q4: revenue of $882M, up 369% YoY, vs. $812M est., 467K customers with 10+ employees, projected Q1 revenue of $900M-$905M, vs. $829M est.; stock jumps 9%+ (Jordan Novet/CNBC)

tim inrupt 20m uk national health

Tim Berners-Lee’s Inrupt, which helps people control their data, has raised ~$20M to date and is piloting projects with UK’s National Health Service and others (Steve Lohr/New York Times)

sources german sequoia lone pine 50m

Sources: as German car trading service Auto1 plans its IPO, Sequoia and Lone Pine will each buy 50M shares from existing investors and put 50M+ into its IPO (Bloomberg)