Best Treatment For Back Pain: Q & A With Dr. Zahid Rustam

medicine for back pain in pakistan

Recurrent or chronic back pain is defined as pain that persists for 6-12 weeks or longer than that. The pain lingers even after the underlying cause has been treated.

Dr. Zahid Rustam is a Neurologist & Pain Management Specialist in Islamabad, practicing at Pain Spine and Stroke Center. In this session with oladoc, he discusses an important subject; Recurrent Back Pain, its symptoms, and key treatment options.

Recently, Dr. Zahid has Earned qualification of FIPP WIP USA which is the only recognized Post-graduation degree in Interventional pain practice. He has 36 years experience of in managing patients with diverse illnesses like stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injuries, amputees, musculoskeletal disabilities, patients with chronic pain, etc.

Q.1. What is interventional pain medicine?

Well, interventional pain medicine is a subspecialty of medicine in which the doctor who is fully trained makes a very precise diagnosis. He employs all the tools including medicine, physical therapy and minimally invasive procedures to manage the pain of their patients.

Q.2. Could back pain be classified as a disease?

Today we will talk about backache and as you all know, back pain is quite a serious condition in Pakistan. What I feel is the most important thing to know about backache is that it is not a disease, it’s a symptom. Doctors should make all efforts to find out the reason for this back pain.

Q.3. Why is it important to detect the reasons behind back pain?

There are back pains that may be associated with some red flags such as a fever, rapid weight loss, weakness in legs, and loss of bladder control. That should be investigated as early as possible and should be referred to the appropriate specialist.

Q.4. What are the causes of back pain?

If we talk about the causes of back pain, especially in the younger pain, then it is usually trauma to the back. The muscle and ligaments are affected causing sprains and strains to the back.

Other than that sudden awkward pain can strain the back and the spinal ligament.

Q.5. What is the best treatment for back pain?

Well, 90% of the patients recover from conservative treatment such as medication, physiotherapy, and minimally invasive procedures. I think, for a back pain that is not going away, the most appropriate specialist is a well-trained pain specialist.

If you want to learn how to prevent recurring back pain, we suggest you seek an appointment with a top pain management specialist. If you need our help, please visit  for assistance to find the RIGHT professional for your concerns.

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