Bawaseer In English: Bawaseer Ki Alamat Aur Ilaaj

What is Bawaseer? Bawaseer, also known as piles or hemorrhoids, is a condition in which the veins of the rectum or lower anus get swollen up. They appear like that…

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روزانہ ایک چٹکی کلونجی کھانے سے کیا ہوتا ہے؟ سن کر آپ حیران رہ جائیں گے

کلونجی ، یا نائیجیلا کے بیج ، ایک دلچسپ مصالحہ ہے ۔ پاکستان میں ، سوکھی بھنی کلونجی ذائقه دار سالن ، دال ، بھنی یا فرائی سبزیاں ، اور…

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10 Best Sunblock in Pakistan (2022)

List of the Best Sunblock in Pakistan Following are the best sunblock in Pakistan: CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 30) Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Face cream (SPF 50) Neutrogena…

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turmeric for cystic acne

Deep, Red and Large: Natural Ways to Heal Cystic Acne

Like all forms of acne, cystic acne also develops as a result of skin pores blocked by either dead skin cells or bacteria accumulation, usually due to a digestive system…

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ear drops for pain in pakistan

7 Relief Ideas for Aching Ears in Winter

Ear ache can result either from cold or from an infection. Ear infections are more prevalent than the perception of their occurrence. A report by WHO declares prevalence of ear infections to…

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infant mortality rate in pakistan

Why Infant Mortality Rate Is High In Pakistan?

When it comes to healthcare, Pakistan is lagging far behind even in the list of developing countries. According to the UNICEF statistics, the child mortality rate in Pakistan is abysmal. The…

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Introvert Meaning in Urdu – Introvert vs Extrovert

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? It can be a tricky question. Both of them lie on opposite ends of the spectrum. It depends on which side the inclination…

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how to get rid of a bezoar naturally

How to Treat and Prevent Bezoars?

Bezoars are lumps of food and/or non-food particles that remain undigested or are partially digested by the stomach. While not usually a serious medical concern, the fact that they present…

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flagyl tablet uses

Everything you need to know about Flagyl in Pakistan

What is Flagyl? Flagyl is classified as metronidazole, which is a class of drugs that have both antibiotic and antiprotozoal properties. Flagyl however, does not contain anti-viral properties and thus…

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کیلوریز چارٹ

شادی سے پہلے وزن کم کرنے کے 14 آسان طریقے

ایک مکمل اور خوبصورت دلہن کیلئے نہ صرف بہترین لباس، خوبصورت جیولری اور دلکش انداز لازمی تصور کیا جاتا ہے بلکہ ایک آئیڈیل ویٹ (وزن ) بھی ضروری ہے اور…

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bump on labia

A Definitive Guide To Vaginal Bumps And Lumps

Women and vaginas have an uneasy relationship; despite your best efforts in keeping them clean and clear of infection, some vaginal lumps and bumps may still turn up unexpectedly, although…

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habit lahore

Drug Addiction: Pakistan’s Hidden Habit

Pakistan has a drug addiction problem; not matter how much we would like to deny it. 700 people every day succumb to this problem, and yet most of us live in denial…

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