oladoc helpline

How to Use oladoc’s Online Video Consultation Feature?

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started targeting the Pakistani population, we at oladocx started looking for ways that could let us maintain our services for our valued customers. Not only…

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9 types of fractures

9 Types of Bone Fractures

As the supportive structure of the entire body, the skeleton is hardly one to easily give way under pressure. However, certain circumstances like accidents, overuse, and brittleness due to old…

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Drew Harwell

The Washington Post Musk blamed a Twitter account for an alleged stalker. Police see no link Drew Harwell & Taylor Lorenz Twitter owner Elon Musk threatened legal action, changed the platform’s rules…

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CBD products

How To Choose The Best CBD Products For Your Dog

There are various advantages to giving your dog CBD products. As we learn more about how hemp and CBD oil can benefit animals, we see more pet-friendly options emerge. CBD…

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Delta 9

Steve Kovach

YouTube is about to pull its apps from Roku, and the fight is going all the way to Congress Steve Kovach YouTube is leaving Roku. And now the fight between…

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how to unclog arteries

Facebook’s AI model SEER was designed to exclude Instagram images from the EU in its dataset, likely to avoid GDPR violations (Dave Gershgorn/OneZero)

Dave Gershgorn / OneZero:Facebook’s AI model SEER was designed to exclude Instagram images from the EU in its dataset, likely to avoid GDPR violationsThe team purposely excluded Instagram images from…

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high protein breakfast

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Protein helps your body build and repair tissues. It also helps your body generate hormones, form enzymes, and fight infections. A breakfast high in protein satisfies your appetite and sets…

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feeling slow

The World In Slow Motion: 10 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Tired

Do you find it difficult to stay awake, alert and productive throughout the day? While inadequate and low-quality sleep could be the answer, feeling tired on a regular basis could…

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what is the importance of knowing your blood type

The Importance of Knowing Your Blood Type

A lot of people are unaware of their blood type and they think it is fine because hospitals check your blood type before a lot of treatments anyway. However, knowing…

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Delta 9

Morning Brew

Morning Brew Why Esports are Flailing While Gaming Explodes More than a third of all the people in the world play video games. So what is the problem with Esports…

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وزن بڑھانے والی غذائیں

وزن بڑھانے کے آسان طریقے

اگرچہ موٹاپا صحت عامہ کے لئے ایک اہم خطرہ بنتا جارہا ہے ، کم وزن ہونا بھی صحت کے مسائل کا سبب بن سکتا ہے۔ تاہم ، وزن کو محفوظ…

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pcos ka ilaj in urdu

Evelyn Douek

Lawfare The Facebook Oversight Board Issued Its First Decisions. Here’s How We’re Tracking Them Robert Chesney, Evelyn Douek, Quinta Jurecic, Jacob Schulz, Elliot Setzer, Tia Sewell, Announcing Lawfare’s Facebook Oversight Board blog.

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