7 Relief Ideas for Aching Ears in Winter

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Ear ache can result either from cold or from an infection. Ear infections are more prevalent than the perception of their occurrence. A report by WHO declares prevalence of ear infections to be as high as 46%. With winter being officially here, the chances of an earache are double.

Aching ears can be very uncomfortable and thus demand instant relief. Although it is important to visit top ENT specialists in Pakistan to get treatment, some home remedies can also help. Here are seven relief ideas for aching ears in winter.


Olive oil and tea tree oil have been found to be very effective when it comes to earaches. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. In case of infections, this oil can provide immediate relief from earache. The oil is however supposed to be used in drops only. Larger amounts can create sensitivity issues.

Olive oil is also used as a common remedy for earache. There is no scientific proof of how it helps but it surely does. In winters, a few drops of warm olive oil can open blocked ears and reduce ear ache. The olive oil being used should have the same temperature as the body.

2-Hot and Cold compresses:

Heating and cooling pads are usually used for muscle injuries. They help bring down the swelling and inflammation. Hot and cold compresses can do the same in case of earache. Just soak a cloth in hot or cold water and apply it on the ear. You should try both hot and cold to figure out which one is helping you the most. Alternating between hot and cold is usually more effective than using a single one.

3-Sleeping posture:

Proper sleeping posture can also reduce ear ache. Sleeping on a side can put pressure on the ears and thus can increase pain. Lying flat on one’s back while sleeping can help alleviate earache.


Ginger is used in many medicines because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is thus quite effective for earache. Ginger juice or oil warmed with ginger can be applied in the outer canal of ear.


Many neck exercises can help reduce earache. Neck rotations relieve pressure in the ear canal which reduces the experiences of earache. To perform a neck rotation you should sit straight up and slowly rotate your neck towards one shoulder and then to the other side.

6-Chewing gum:

Air pressure outside the body changes with altitude and weather.  A difference of pressure is created on the two sides of the eardrum whenever the air pressure outside changes. The difference in pressure leads to blocked ears. High pressure in the ear canal can lead to aching ears. In such a situation, equalizing pressure in the ear can help alleviate earache.

Chewing gum opens the Eustachian tube which is a tube connecting the middle ear with the throat and nose. As the tube opens, the air inside the ear is released equalizing the pressure. Once the ears are unblocked, the earache decreases.


Garlic is a natural pain reliever. Sesame oil warmed with garlic can be used directly for ear aches.

If the remedies described are not helping with your earache, you should consult an ENT specialist at your earliest. You can also visit our website at oladocx.com and look for top ENT specialists in Islamabad, Karachi and Islamabad.

You can also  to get directed to the specialists that are suitable for your specific concerns.

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