6 Healthy Foods That Should Only Be Eaten in Moderation

foods to eat in moderation

Most nutritionists would confirm that excess of anything is bad and the same applies to food. Having too much of a good thing is entirely possible and you need to be mindful of overdosing on certain foods!. That’s why, even if a certain food is a great blend of nutrients and calories, you shouldn’t go overboard with its consumption. Nothing is off limits and it is totally possible to overdose on a food item.

For instance, consumption of gallons of carrot juice has resulted in death in the past. So, we have gathered a list of those foods which when eaten in moderation are healthy and nutritious but not when gorged on!


Nuts, particularly almonds, are great for a flat stomach. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, and pistachios are all good sources of protein and healthy fats and are also great for keeping appetite in check, stabilizing blood sugar levels. However, nuts are nutrient dense, which means even a small serving is brimming with calories. Just one ounce of nuts has nearly 200 calories. So, if you eat nuts in excess, you may find yourself gaining weight.


This generation is obsessed with avocados to the extent that an investor has said that avocados are the reason why millennials are not able to save enough to buy a property! It does seem as if avocados are the new”fashionably healthy” food as evidenced by the love that is showered upon it on social media networks! Avocados are a good source of healthy fats which are beneficial for your hair and skin. They can also help lower cholesterol. However, overconsumption of any kind of fat can lead to problems. Moreover, avocados have a lot of calories, nearly 250 per fruit. So, avoid eating avocados in excess.

3-Canned Tuna:

Being a good source of protein, tuna is often added to salads and sandwiches. However, tuna has a higher mercury content than most other fishes and overconsumption may lead to muscles weakness, vision problems, and pregnancy issues. In fact, women of childbearing age should cap their tuna intake at about 12.5 ounces every week. Even though older women and men can consume up to 14.5 ounces of tuna a week, it is recommended that protein requirements be fulfilled from different food sources, not just tuna.

4-Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is one healthy treat that is also delicious. It has a lot of antioxidants and heart-healthy components, which can lower the risk of heart diseases and improve your overall health. However, most dark chocolates in the market are high calorie and full of sugar, so make sure you only buy the ones with the least amounts of added ingredients.


Citrus based foods such as tomatoes are acidic and have a low pH level. However, over-consumption can disturb the pH level of your stomach and lead to heartburn and acid reflux. One idea to avoid these problems is to cook your tomatoes instead of eating them raw or get in touch with a gastroenterologist in Multan to get a professional opinion on the matter.


Spinach is a good source of many important nutrients, including lutein which is good for preventing macular degeneration. However, spinach also contains oxalate, which is a compound that is linked to kidney stones.

If you are confused about which food items you should eat, you can consult a nutritionist who will make a well-balanced diet plan for you. You can find and book an appointment with top Nutritionists in Karachi, Lahore,  and Islamabad through oladocx.com. You can also  for assistance to find the RIGHT Doctor for your health concerns.

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