5 Signs Of Toxic People

toxic people signs

Toxic people generally are well adept at spreading negativity around them and demoralizing others. Their method of attack may vary, but the end result is mostly the same—discouraging others. We all have had experiences with such people, where no matter how we accommodate them, they generally find something to complain about.

The first step to minimizing the damage incurred by these people is to recognize their behavior and then combat it. Read on to find what the signs of toxic people are and how you can recognize them:

1- They are manipulative:

Toxic people are manipulative, and their behavior can make you think you owe them something. Drenched with subtle and not-so-subtle barbs, their way of talking to you can be derogatory, and non-apologetic. They also find a way to demean and minimize all that you have done for them—such behavior is common in the workplace and relationships.

2- They talk badly about other people:

Another sign of a toxic person is that they talk badly about other people who are not present there. However, they talk in a way that makes you think they are taking you into confidence, but the truth is that they would bad mouth you whenever you wouldn’t be present either. This is mostly because toxic people are big complainers.

They are used to finding fault with everything and being vocal about it. If you come across anyone who starts off by complaining about the problems in their life, think hard about whether or not you want such negative energy around you.

3- They think they deserve special treatment:

Toxic people think that they deserve the best of everything in life—be they extended deadlines, free passes, or special favors. They can even start getting acquainted with you by asking for a favor. Moreover, they are not good at taking ‘no’ for an answer. If you cannot accommodate them, they make you feel ashamed.

4- Their behavior varies with you:

One day they are fine, and the next they will show just a hint of displeasure making you wonder what you did to upset them. The hint can be as subtle as a sigh, or just a cranky attitude that is not obvious. Not knowing what you did wrong, you will make excuses and do everything to make them happy. Naturally, this works for them—as decent people don’t want to make anyone they care about unhappy.

5- You don’t feel good after meeting them:

You need to do a gut check for this one. How exactly do you feel after meeting this person: defensive, low or unhappy? If the answer is yes, then you are most likely dealing with a toxic person.

Recognizing why your feelings towards that person are negative is also important because sometimes it’s just a difference of culture or a poor first impression that is making you feel negative. However, if you always feel down after meeting this person, then it could be their toxicity making you uncomfortable.

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