5 Best Dental X-ray Centers In Lahore

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Imaging technology plays a vital role in the field of diagnostics. It is very hard for doctors to treat an issue without precisely knowing what it is. One such type of imaging technique is the dental X-rays or OPG (Orthopantomogram) at its commonly known.

It gives the image of the upper and low jaw and the teeth. Therefore, issues of these regions like teeth cavities, fractures, infections, tumors, etc. can be diagnosed using OPG. Moreover, it’s a painless procedure that has very little exposure to radiation.

Children and adults, everyone is deemed suitable for this scan. However, pregnant women or those very likely to be pregnant should not get this done as even little radiation might harm the baby. Furthermore, this procedure requires minimal preparation; for the sake of hygiene, make sure you have brushed your teeth and remove any jewelry or any metallic accessory in the upper body as they impose on the quality of the scan.

Moreover, much like the rest of the imaging technologies, the result of the scan is contingent upon the type of machine. Hence, consult good facilities with the latest technology only. To help with this decision, the following is the list of best dental x-ray centers in Lahore that you can visit to get an OPG from:

Alnoor Diagnostic Centre

Alnoor Diagnostic Centre has been dispensing excellent healthcare services for 43 years now. One of the most popular labs of Lahore, Alnoor has offered an exhaustive list of tests; from cardiac to dental, every test is available.

Also, the use of the latest technology ensures that tests are reported with high confidence levels. Besides this, consultant doctors are part of the Alnoor team therefore the tests are carried out with utmost professionalism. ISO certification is another jewel in ADC’s crown.

Furthermore, its services are trusted internationally as well; consulates and embassies of Korea, Moldova etc. utilize ADC for their citizens and staff as well. People requiring dental imaging services in Lahore, should most definitely contact Alnoor Diagnostic Centre, as it has the very sophisticated 3D CBCT scanning.

Punjab Clinic of Radiology 

Punjab Clinic of Radiology is one of best dental X-ray centers in Lahore. Serving public for 27 years, PCR has set the bar for quality service very high. Not only is the equipment used top-notch, but the staff is very qualified as well. Run under the supervision of consultant doctor, PCR is well aware of the needs of the patients and thus has an effective management in place.

Moreover, it offers a wide variety of tests under one roof for the convenience of its patients.  Care of high degree is provided at competitive rates for the ease of the public. Also, as Punjab Clinic of Radiology specializes in imaging technology and therefore is an excellent place to get a dental X-ray in Lahore from.

Islamabad Diagnostic Centre 

The expert of diagnostic services, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (Evercare Hospital)is one of the biggest laboratory chains of Pakistan. A well-renowned name, IDC has been operational for 15 years in Lahore. The services are available 24/7 throughout the year, which is a great convenience for the patients requiring urgent testing.

Furthermore, not only does IDC use best technicians and doctors out there, but it also has the novel concept of consulting doctors abroad for in the process of diagnosis. Moreover, the labs ensure quickest turn-around times so that the patients are provided with reports as soon as possible.

The fact that over 80% of the patients have reported satisfactory results with the lab is evidence of its great service. The doctors, the staff, the environment of the lab, all are at par excellence. Furthermore, IDC is internationally recognized and certified. Hence, the tests of the lab can be completely relied upon for diagnosis.

An international award-winning laboratory, Islamabad Diagnostic Center can be consulted with complete faith in its great service by anyone requiring an OPG in Lahore.

Al-Nasar Lab

AL-Nasar Lab (Johar Town) is amongst the best dental x-ray centers in Lahore. Functioning for 23 years, Al-Nasar Labs are committed to quality service. It prioritizes its patient’s care above anything else. Which is why the testing is done by following the standard protocols. Therefore, reports of Al-Nasar lab are completely reliable.

Besides this, the reporting is done as soon as possible so the patient can get immediate care and treatment. The fact that the rates for testing are very reasonable to add to its appeal. Furthermore, Al-Nasar lab is certified from Australia in quality management therefore patients can be assured of its excellent service.

Hence, people requiring a dental X-ray in Lahore can turn to Al-Nasar labs without any reservations.

Fatima Memorial Hospital

Located in the center of Lahore, Fatima Memorial Hospital is amongst the trusted few names of heath care. A tertiary care hospital, it offers a wide range of services and has an excellent lab facility as well. Moreover, credible and qualified doctors are a part of the team and hence give an equally qualified diagnosis to the patients.

FMH thus can be contacted for getting an OPG from as it is one of the best dental X-ray centers in Lahore.

The first step towards treatment is diagnosing the issue correctly. This part is dependent highly on the quality of the diagnostic services. Not only is the expertise of the staff important, but the equipment should be good too, especially to produce quality images vital for correct diagnosis.

Hence, anyone requiring services like dental X-ray should only contact the credible labs. You can browse for several dental X-ray centers in Lahore and book an important at whichever lab you think qualifies as the best radiology lab in Lahore through oladoc.com.

You can also  for assistance to find the RIGHT professional for your concerns. Please noted that the above list of the best dental X-ray centers in Lahore has been prepared in an unbiased manner, as the profiles shortlisted are of the top-rated profiles at oladocx.com

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