5 Best Dental X-ray Centers In Karachi

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 Dental X-ray also known as an OPG (Orthopantomogram) is a scan to get the image of the jaws and the teeth. It reveals information regarding the teeth and any cavities in it, the bones, any dislocation in the jaw, etc. However, since it’s a radiology test, it is only allowed as per the discretion of the doctor.

This test doesn’t have much preparation protocols. Merely brushing teeth for hygiene purposes is required. Also, it is advised to not wear any metal accessory in the upper body as it interferes with the image quality.

If your dentist has prescribed you the test, and you do not know which lab to rely on, following are some of the 5 best dental x-ray centers in Karachi that can help you with this decision:

OMI Hospital Lab

Found on the principle of providing the best service to the patient whilst adhering to the standard procedures, OMI Hospital Lab is committed to patient care. Everyone who is a part of the team exhibits the highest standards of professionalism. Qualified and competent technicians and doctors in the radiology department ensure a streamlined patient experience.

Moreover, the Orthopedic and Medical Institute Hospital Lab is a firm believer in innovation. Therefore, not only is the equipment latest, but doctors and other staff members continuously undergo training as well to get acquainted with the progress in the field.

Also, patients will be glad to know that OMIH labs do not compromise on quality. Furthermore, the radiology lab is available for out as well as indoor patients. Hence, anyone in need of a dental X-ray in Karachi can visit their lab without any concerns regarding the accuracy of reporting.

Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Laboratory 

Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Laboratory has been providing exceptional services for 30 years now. With its motto of prioritizing patient care and convenience, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Lab is run under the careful supervision of very competent individuals.

Moreover, the radiology department is functional 24/7, not just in patients, but out as well. It also has a wide range of testing services, handled by expert technicians and top-notch machines. Its integration of digital technology is paving way for safer procedures as it reduces exposure to radiation.

These traits alongside the competence of the staff have made the lab one of the best dental x-ray centers in Karachi. So, if you are looking for a good lab to get a dental X-ray from, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Laboratory is a great option.

Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic 

Another one of the best dental X-ray centers in Karachi is Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic. Established by doctors themselves, the management is well aware of the importance of good diagnostic services.

It is near impossible to get an adequate treatment without having substantial evidence to back the diagnosis. Dr. Essa Lab is trying to remedy this very issue that doctors face by providing them with accurate and high-quality tests.

Moreover, the labs are equipped with not just good doctors and excellent medical equipment but also have sufficient experience dispensing quality health service. Hence, anyone needing a dental X-ray in Karachi can consult Dr. Essa Laboratory and Diagnostic and can be assured of precise and quick testing.

Aga Khan University Hospital Laboratory

One of the biggest and most authentic laboratory setups of the country, Aga Khan University Hospital Laboratory is amongst the best dental X-ray centers in Karachi. The national certifications and international accreditations, all are a testament to its excellence.

Moreover, some of the brightest minds of the country are a part of the AKUH labs. The equipment used is top-grade as well. This is of special significance when it comes to imaging techniques, as it affects the quality of the image.

Furthermore, the radiology department is integrated into the hospital, therefore patients are able to get holistic care as they can consult the doctor on the premises if need be. With over 30 years of experience under its belt, Aga Khan University Hospital Laboratory is an extremely reliable place to get a dental X-ray from.

Defense 3D-OPG-CEPH

Defence 3D-OPG-CEPH has one of the most comprehensive CBCT X-ray techniques available, dental X-ray being one of them. Moreover, the option of 3D images produced is of great importance in the field of diagnostics, as doctors are able to look at the image from different angles and thus are better able to locate the issue.

Furthermore, is also has a digital dental X-ray available as well. This ensures that the imaging data is kept safe. It can be easily shared with your doctors. And, digital X-rays have lesser exposure to radiation which makes the process safer.

Moreover, since Defence 3D-OPG-CEPH has extremely sophisticated machines, the image produced has a very high resolution. This enables the doctor to find minute issues and peculiarities as well. Hence, if you want to find a good lab for getting an OPG from, Defence 3D-OPG-CEPH is a great place for getting one.

Dental problems can be intensely painful and might need urgent care. Getting the tests done from an authentic place ensures quick and precise reporting. The doctor, therefore, can devise the correct regimen according to the issue found. Hence, if you are suffering from any dental issues and are advised an OPG, get one done as soon as possible.

You can find digital X-ray centers in Karachi and book an appointment with which you think qualifies as the best radiology lab in Karachi through oladoc.com.You can also call our helpline at 042-3890-0939 for assistance to find the RIGHT professional for your concerns.

Please note that the shortlisting was done with complete objectivity as the labs chosen are amongst the top-rated radiology labs in Karachi at Oladocx.com

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