what your social media says about you

What Your Social Media Says About Your Personality?

In today’s era, mostly everyone has an online presence with one or more platforms of social network they are addicted to—resulting in countless hours being online. Psychologists say that a lot can…

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Aesthetic Gynecology: Q And A With Dr. Misbah Malik

Aesthetic gynecology is a branch of medicine that allows women to correct their body parts. This type of procedure is most commonly required due to damage resulting from childbirth, defects…

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female urology

To Tell or Not to Tell? Female Urology Problems

Discussing your health concerns with a gynecologist is hard enough, and consulting with a urologist even more so; mostly owing to the fact that this particular medical specialty is still popularly perceived…

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how sex affects the brain

How Sex Affects the Brain?

According to sexologists, sexual intercourse has a direct impact on physical health, with numerous proven health benefits, including good cardiac health, reduced risk of hypertension, and a better metabolism, among others….

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stress relieving foods

9 Stress Relieving Foods to Help You Have a Stress-Free Day!

Most people crave “comfort food” when they are stressed out. However, foods like ice cream, coffee, Chinese take-out, and diet soda can actually make your stress worse. So, steer clear…

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common winter

5 Common Winter Health Problems and How to Avoid Them

Winters can be fun but the cold winds give rise to various health problems. While winter health risks are real, there are many ways to stay healthy during cold months. The tips…

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khanewal coronavirus cases

How To Get Tested For Coronavirus In Pakistan

The situation which the whole population was dreading has unfortunately happened and ‘coronavirus in Pakistan’ is not a rumor now and has become a reality. In this time of crisis,…

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safi tonic benefits

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Safi Every Day

Hamdard Safi is a herbal tonic that can do wonders for your skin and overall health. People of all ages dealing with skin problems such as acne will be pleased…

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hemorrhoids on females

Treatment of Hemorrhoids in Women

Hemorrhoids are referred to swollen veins in your lower rectum or anus. They can be of two types, internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids. Also known as piles, hemorrhoids can lead to…

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masturbation good or bad

Is Masturbation Bad for You?

Masturbation is the act of touching one’s genitals and other sexual organs for sexual pleasure, usually leading to a self-stimulated orgasm (climax of sexual excitement) in women and an ejaculation…

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keto diet plan pakistan

All You Need to Know About Following the Keto Diet

Obesity is a big problem that the world is facing these days. In Pakistan only, around 50% people are living at a stage which is known as pre-obesity. In simple…

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supplements diabetics should not take

Supplements That Diabetics Shouldn’t Take

People suffering from diabetes often try supplements to keep their blood sugar in check. However, it is essential to know that the natural remedies or supplements you are trying are…

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